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Elite brasileira usa a Copa do Mundo para mostrar seu desconforto em ser brasileira

Um texto sensacional que reúne muito das minhas próprias opiniões sobre nosso momento. Leiam!

A Brazilian Operating in This Area

ellusmatsukawa(First of all, thanks for reading and commenting on my previous post. It is already the most popular of this blog’s short history. I was requested to translate it into Portuguese and at first I refused it. Not only I am working loads, but I wanted to avoid the bigotry that usually comes along with enthusiasts of the two main political parties here. And I wanted to avoid denial by that big chunk of the elite which is disengaged with Brazil. But I was convinced to use some of my time in this because someone else could translate and include words I didn’t write. I want Brazilians who don’t speak English to have an original source. This blog is meant to be a bridge between Brazil and foreigners, almost all posts are and will be in English, but I can make exceptions when I want.)

“Abaixo este Brasil atrasado.” É…

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